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Circle 25mm Anti-Metal Ntag215 Chip NFC StickerOn Metal NFC Sticker

Circle 25mm Anti-Metal Ntag215 Chip NFC Sticker

  • Product Code: NFC Sticker-0003
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Circle 25mm Anti-Metal Ntag215 Chip NFC Sticker


Commodity:Anti-Metal Ntag215 NFC Sticker

Material:Paper ,PVC ,PET


Memory:504byte User

Metal Material Thickness: 0.2mm  ,0.5mm
Size:Dia20mm ,25mm ,30mm ,35mm,40mm,12x20mm,15x20mm ,25*25mm ,35x35mm,etc
Available NFC Chip:Ntag203/213/215/216 ,Topaz512 ,Ultralight /-C ,SLE66R01 ,FELICA-LITE-Setc
Available Craft:Logo printing ,Barcode Pritning ,Unique QRcode priting ,UID Pritning ,Series Number Printing,URL encoding ,etc..



 1.Smart advertisement
2.Goods and device authentication
3.Call request
4. SMS
5.Call to action
6. Voucher and coupons
7.Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing
8. Connection handover
9.Product authentication
10.Mobile companion tags
11. Electronic shelf labels
12. Business cards




1.100pcs inner bag   10boxes in one box

Weight:1000pcs / 1KG








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