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12x20mm Anti-Metal Ntag213 NFC Paper Tag

Specifications: Commodity:    Ntag213 NFC TagMate..

12x20MM Ntag213 Transparent PET NFC Label

Specification:Commodity:Ntag213 Transparent PET NFC LabelMaterials: Al etched Ant..

12x31MM Ntag213 Mobile NFC Smart Sticker With Logo Printing

Specification:Commodity:Ntag213 NFC Smart StickerMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETChip:Ntag21..

13.56MHZ ABS Disc Tag RFID Token Tag

Available Chip:LF :TK4100 ,EM4200,T5577 ,EM4305,EM4450 ,Hitag 1/ 2/&nb..

13.56MHZ Anti-Metal Ntag213 NFC ABS Disc Tag With Adhesive

Ntag213 chip Specification:Chip:Ntag213Memory:144bytesRead/WriteAvailable Chip:LF :TK4100 ..

14443A Type 2 888bytes Ntag216 Waterproof Epoxy NFC Sticker

Specification:Commodity:   Ntag216 Epoxy NFC StickerChip:Ntag216Memory:888byte userMateria..

144Byte Ntag213 Anti-Metal Hard PVC  NFC  Sticker

Specification:Commodity:NFC Disc TagMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PET,Tra..

15X30MM Ntag213 NFC Tag With Unique Number (UID Encoding)

Specification:Commodity:Ntag213 NFC Tag with NumberMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETChip:Ntag..

15x30MM Ntag213 PET NFC Smart Label With UID Printing

Specification:Commodity:Ntag213 t PET NFC LabelMaterials: Al etched Antenna; &n..

15x30MM Ntag216 NFC Smart Label Printed

Specification:Commodity:Ntag216 NFC Smart LabelMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETChip:Ntag216M..

35x35mm Printable PVC Material NFC Tag Sticker

Specification:Commodity:PVC NFC StickerMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETSize:Dia20mm ,25mm ,3..

Anti-Metal Ntag216 PVC NFC Sticker

Specification: Commodity: Anti-Metal Ntag216 NFC Sticker Available Material:Paper ,..

Circle 18mm MF  1k RFID Anti-Metal RFID Tag

Specification:Commodity:  RFID Disc TagMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PET,Transparent PVCSize:Dia 13mm /1..

Circle 25mm 144bytes User Memory Ntag213 NFC Sticker Printable In Roll

Specification:Commodity:Ntag213 NFC Sticker PrintableMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETChip:Nt..

Circle 26MM 504 Bytes Ntag215 NFC Label Printable

Specification:Commodity:Ntag215 NFC LabelMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETChip:Ntag215Me..

Circle 30mm Type 2 Ntag213 NFC Disc Tag Blank

Specification:Commodity:  Ntag213 NFC Disc TagMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PET,Transparent PVCSize:Dia ..

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