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40x25mm Type 2 888byte Ntag216 NFC Epoxy Tag

NFC Epoxy Tag Layout:For the nfc chip ,now we have: A.ISO14443a Chip1k / 4kUltralight / Ul..

Circle 25mm 144bytes User Memory Ntag213 NFC Sticker Printable In Roll

Specification:Commodity:Ntag213 NFC Sticker PrintableMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETChip:Nt..

Circle25mm Fridge Magnet Anti-Metal NFC Sticker

Specification:Commodity:Magnet NFC TagMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETChip:Ntag213Memory:144..

Dia25MM Epoxy Ntag213 NFC Disc Tag On Metal

Specification:Commodity:   Epoxy NFC Disc Tag On MetalChip:Ntag213Memory:144byte userMater..

Dia25mm MF 1k S50 RFID Epoxy Hang Tag

Specification of RFID Epoxy Tag:Material :PVC with epoxy resin glueFeature:completely water and dust..

Dia25mm Ntag213 Chip NFC Sticker Printable In Roll Package

Specification:Commodity:Printable Ntag213 NFC StickerMaterial:Paper&nbs..

Diameter 25mm MF DESFire EV1 2K RFID NFC Disc Tag

Specification:Commodity:  MF DESFire EV1 2K RFID  Disc TagMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PET,Transpa..

Type 2 144byte ,Circle 25mm Ntag213 NFC Tag ,HF NFC Sticker Printable

Specification:Commodity: NFC Sticker Printable Material: Paper ,PVC&nb..

Circle 25mm Ntag215 NFC Sticker Printable for All NFC Enabled Smart Phone

Specification:Commodity: Url Encoding NFC StickerMaterial: Paper ,PVC ,PETChip:&..

Circle 25mm Type 2 504 Bytes Ntag215 NFC Sticker Blank

Specification:Commodity:Ntag215 NFC Wet InlayMaterial:Paper ,PVC..

Circle 25mm Printable Type 2 Ntag216 NFC Sticker

Specification:Commodity:Ntag216 NFC StickerMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,..

Circle 25mm Anti-Metal Ntag215 Chip NFC Sticker

Specification:Commodity:Anti-Metal Ntag215 NFC StickerMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETChip:N..

Circle 25mm FM1108 Chip 1k RFID Wet Inlay

Specification:Commodity:  FM1108 Chip 1k RFID Wet Inlay Material:Paper ,PVC ,PETSize:Dia 2..

Dia25mm Classic 1K Anti-Metal RFID Mobile Phone Sticker

Specification:Commodity: Classic 1k RFID StickerMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETSize:Dia 25mm ,30mm ,35..

Dia25mm MF 1k RFID Paper Sticker

Specification:Commodity: Classic 1k RFID StickerMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETSize:Dia 25mm ,30mm ,35..

Circle 25mm Type 2 Ntag215 NFC Wet Inlay

Specification:Commodity: NFC Wet InlayMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,..

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