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Dia25MM Epoxy Ntag213 NFC Disc Tag On MetalOn Metal NFC Sticker

Dia25MM Epoxy Ntag213 NFC Disc Tag On Metal

  • Product Code: Epoxy NFC Disc Tag-0003
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Dia25MM Epoxy Ntag213 NFC Disc Tag On Metal


Commodity:   Epoxy NFC Disc Tag On Metal
Memory:144byte user
Material:Paper ,PVC ,PET,Transparent PVC
Size:Dia 13mm /18mm /20mm /25mm /30mm etc

NFC Tag can be work by Samsung NFC  Smart Phone ,Will aslo work with all other NFC Smart phone such as Nokia ,

HTC ,LG ,Sony ,Blackberry etc

Chip Available:

LF :TK4100 ,EM4200,T5577 ,EM4305,EM4450 ,Hitag 1/ 2/ S etc 

HF:MF 1k / 4k ,MF Ntag 203 /213 /215 /216 / ,MF Ultralight / Ultralight -C /

      MF DESFire EV1 2k /4k /8K,MF Plus-x/s 2K /4K 

      SLE 66R35(1KB) /SLE 66R01(128B) ,FELICA-LITE-S(224B)

      Icode Sli / Icode Sli-x /s ,Ti 204


Available craft:logo printing ,barcode and series number,URL encoding ,anti-metal sheet etc...

1.Smart advertisement
2.Goods and device authentication
3.Call request
4. SMS
5.Call to action
6. Voucher and coupons
7.Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing
8. Connection handover
9.Product authentication
10.Mobile companion tags
11. Electronic shelf labels
12. Business cards

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