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3x8 Layout MF Classic 1K RFID Prelam InlayNFC  Inlay Sheet

3x8 Layout MF Classic 1K RFID Prelam Inlay

  • Product Code: NFC Inlay-H-XYT-0004
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3x8 Layout MF Classic 1K RFID Prelam Inlay


Product Classification:

Commodity: RFID NFC Card Inlay
Thickness: 0.35mm-0.75mm
Encapsulation Materials: PVC, ABS, PET
Size:210 x 297 mm,305x460mm,290x470mm ,295x505mm etc 


Chip Types:


13.56MHZ:MF Classic 1k / 4k ,FM11RF08 ,Ultralight ,NTAG203/213/215/216,Desfire 2k / 4k /8k.Plus 2k / 4k /8k,
125khz :TK4100,EM4200,EM4305,T5577,CET5577,EM4450 etc
860-960MHZ:Alien Higg-3,Alien 9662 / 9664 ...

Inlay Layout:

layout with 10 pieces, 16 pieces, 24 pieces, 25 pieces, 30 pieces  ,32 pieces of final cards are available.


Production methods:

hot pyramid, the use of PVC or PET material



suitable for smart card manufacturers use direct



1, users can produce low-cost color printing cards and personalized card system

2, shortening the production cycle, improve competitiveness

3, based on customer requirements to build.

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